"Be the best version of you"


That's my motto!


You learn from your mistakes...if everything went right, you'd never learn anything.


Maybe it was just all a coincidence, luck or something else - but it was definitely love. After my first professional Photoshoot, I immediately fell in love with the industry. The sound of the flashlights in the studio, the bouncing lights from the softbox or just simply the Outdoor Shoots, snagging moments while having amazing natural lighting. I found it captivating. I like experimenting with different styles, lights, effects and designs that stretch possibilities to the limit.


Since I immersed myself in the Modeling Industry, I have one Idol - David Gandy.


He has very clear made his mark in the bizz and set new standards. David Gandy was encourage Designers to move to a more masculine standard in the fashion and modeling industry.


Of course, I'm not able to do everything all at once, so I would like to ask you to be patient with me and visit my page from time to time and check out the latest news and updates about me!


Have a great 2017 , Cheers





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